Michael Szydlo

Senior Software Developer.
Cambridge, MA 02138

E-mail:  mszydlo@akamai.com

Home: mike@szydlo.com



Brief Biography

I studied mathematics as an undergrad at Boston University. Continuing at Harvard, I completed my Ph.D. in 1999. Concurrent with these studies, starting in 1989, I worked as a consultant and software engineer on a variety of projects, many of which involved quantitative analysis in the finance industry. After completing my degree, I spent some time doing some interesting international travel, and also became interested in cryptography.   In 2000, I joined RSA Laboratories pursuing research topics in cryptography and data security. In 2007 I joined Akamai as a software developer. My Curriculum Vitae can be found here:   Szydlo C.V (PDF)



  • Contributor to Phishing and Countermeasures : Understanding the Increasing Problem of Electronic Identity Theft, Markus Jakobsson (Editor), Steven Myers (Editor), Wiley ' 06
  • Fourth Factor Authentication: Somebody You Know  with J.Brainard, A. Juels, R. Rivest, M. Yung. , ACM-CCS ’06PDF
  • Collision-resistant usage of MD5 and SHA-1 via message preprocessing Diffe-Hellman Assumptions RSA Conference,Cryptographer's Track '06. PDF
  • A Note on Chosen-Basis Decisional Diffe-Hellman Assumptions Financial Cryptography '06. PDF
  • Proofs for Two-Server Password Authentication, RSA Cryptographers Track '05, Postscript PDF
  • Risk Assurance for Hedge Funds Using Zero Knowledge Proofs Financial Cryptography '05.PDF
  • A Method to Solve Cyclotomic Norm Equations f*f_rev, ANTS '04, Postscript PDF
  • Merkle Tree Traversal in Log Space and Time, Eurocrypt '04, Postscript PDF
    Preprint version- 2003 - (more efficient, but also more complicated algorithm) Postscript PDF
  • Elliptic Fibers over non-Perfect Residue Fields, Journal of Number Theory, Volume 104, Issue 1, January 2004, Pages 75-99 Postscript / PDF
  • The Blocker Tag: Selective Blocking of RFID Tags for Consumer Privacy., with Ari Juels and Ronald Rivest, ACM-CCS '03 Postscript / PDF
  • Nightingale: A New Two-Server Approach for Authentication with Short Secrets, with John Brainard, Ari Juels, and Burt Kaliski. USENIX '03. Postscript / PDF
  • Hypercubic Lattice Reduction and Analysis of GGH and NTRUSign Signatures, Eurocrypt '03, Postscript / PDF
  • Fractal Merkle Tree Representation and Traversal , with Markus Jakobsson, Tom Leighton, Silvio Micali, RSA Cryptographers Track '03 Postscript / PDF
  • Ring Signatures for Ad-hoc Groups, with Emmanuel Bresson and Jacques Stern, Crypto '02 Postscript / PDF
  • Analysis of the Revised NTRU signature scheme R-NSS, with Craig Gentry, Eurocrypt '02, Postscript / PDF
    Full version: including appendices, applications to NTRUSign Postscript PDF
  • A Two-Server Sealed-Bid Auction Protocol, with Ari Juels, Financial Cryptography '02. Postscript / PDF
  • Cryptanalysis of the NTRU signature scheme, (NSS), from Eurocrypt 2001, with Craig Gentry, Jakob Jonsson, and Jacques Stern, Asiacrypt '01. Postscript / PDF



Some Manuscripts and Presentations (Cryptography)

  • NSS Cryptanalysis - Slides presented at Eurocrypt 2001 Powerpoint
  • Revised NSS Cryptanalysis Summary Postscript / PDF
  • Revised NSS Cryptanalysis Presentation Powerpoint


Some Manuscripts and Presentations (Mathematics)

This thesis work involves explicit constructions of Néron models, extensions of Tate's Algorithm to compute the special fiber of an elliptic curve to the non perfect residue field case, and the resolution of singularities on elliptic schemes.


Conference Committee Participation

  • Financial Cryptography '05 '06
  • RSA Conference '04
  • ACNS '04 '07(also publicity chair)
  • EuroPKI'04
  • WISE'04 (publicity co-chair)
  • External Referee, RSA'02, RSA'03, FC'02, FC'03, FC'04, ACM'02, ACM'03.


Selected Invited Workshop Participation and Speaking Engagements

  • Boston University Business School, Feb 5, 2001, Boston, MA.
  • Boston University Mathematics Department, April 8, 2001, Boston, MA.
  • United States Patent Office (USPTO), April 26, 2001, Washington DC.
  • Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS), Cryptography and Security Seminar, October 11, 2001, Paris, France.
  • Catholic University of Lovain (UCL), Cryptography and Security Seminar, October 18, 2001, Louvain, Belgium.
  • Mathematical Associatetion of America (MAA) MathFest Cryptography Seminar, June 30-31, 2002, Burlington, Vermont.
  • International Conference and Research Center for Computer Science, Cryptography Workshop, Sept 22-26, 2002, Dagstuhl, Germany.
  • European Institute for Computer Anti-Virus Research (EICAR), May 1-4 2004, Luxemburg.
  • United States Patent Office (USPTO), October 5, 2004, Washington DC.
  • Cryptographic Hash Workshop, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Oct 31 - Nov 1 2005, Gaithersburg, MD
  • Centre International de Rencontres Mathematiques (CIRM), Cryptography Workshop, Nov 8-12 2004, Luminy, France.
  • AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science), Symposium on Knowledge Based Authentication, February 16-20, 2006, St. Louis
  • Post-Quantum Cryptography, May 24-26, 2006, Leuven, Belgium